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Farmgirl Beauty Secret #43: Become an ingredient guru.

Whether you like to start learning to decipher between good/bad ingredients or you’re just sick and tired of breaking out, here’s a cheat sheet to take with you on your next skincare and makeup shopping trip. This printable list contains common ingredients and their comedogenicity & irritancy ratings (0 being good; 5 being really bad).

Please keep in mind this is merely a guideline, take it with a grain of salt. I don’t agree with the list 100% but it’s a great starting point if you want to become more aware of what you’re putting on your skin. As you learn to recognize these ingredients, you’ll learn for yourself whether your skin reacts to them. You’ll definitely come across ingredients you don’t see on this list; there are simply way too many ingredients out there. If you are really curious about an unknown ingredient, you can contact me and I’m always happy to put in my $.02.

Try this now: Print the list and use it to “scan” the products currently residing your nightstand and bathroom cabinet!


prpro said...

that is awesome information, thanks!

Maris said...


Where the hell I was before? I like your blog!! I envy you, it is my dream to be farm girl in somewhere US. In here? I doubt about it, because most of the time the weather is merciless to farmers. I wanna get up early, enjoy the fresh feeling by rising sun, struggle in fields and end up my day by drinking tea on terrace and watch sun going down. I am like a little girl, who`s dreams are basing on US country-movies. OK, Glamorouxx, return from heaven to earth again.

I am sorry, if I was off topic, I have been ingredient guru for a long time for now and definitely continue with that method. 0f course there are some allowances to usual cosmetic sometimes.

I think it is the longest comment ever :D

Brilliant Farmgirl's Beauty Secrets™ said...

Thank you Glamorouxx! I absolutely love your long comment- keep them coming!

I grew up being a farmgirl :D It had its less romantic moments when I was doing farm work that even migrant workers refused to do. But I agree with you- I love that early morning feeling. It's an everyday gift that many people miss out on. We also had hundreds of farm animals!

Let us ingredient gurus stick together and make more brilliant beauty discoveries :)