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Beauty Myth-busting: Lemon juice and toothpaste for acne?

They are big NO-NOs! I simply cringe when I read a magazine touting these ingredients as pimple treatments. Most toothpastes contain fluoride, which actually exacerbate acne. Lemon juice is much too acidic to dab unto an open wound (yes, a popped zit is an open wound- treat it accordingly!) Lemon juice is phototoxic, which means you shouldn’t go out in the sun when you have this on your skin unless you’re begging for an adverse reaction. Lemon juice does have an exfoliating effect, but it’s much too harsh. If you leave skin unprotected by the sun, it can leave skin vulnerable to sun spots and, god forbid, AGE SPOTS! Age spots are worse than pimples; they are blemishes that never leave your face!

My recommendation: Have a blast brushing your teeth with toothpaste of your choice for minty-fresh breath and healthy teeth. Squeeze half a lemon into a refreshing glass of h20 for a Vitamin C-spiked skin & body quencher!

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