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Product-analysis: 100% Pure Blackberry Pigmented Gel Eyeliner, 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadow in Barbados

It’s official: I am head over heels in love with 100% Pure. As a little farmgirl, I dreamt of making my own cosmetics. 100% Pure Fruit-pigmented Cosmetics encompasses everything I wanted in my dream color line and more. Not only are their products pigmented with antioxidant-rich fruits, vegetables and cocoa, every item from tinted moisturizer to eyeliner more than qualify as skincare treatments. Instead of mixing pigments with fillers, waxes and silicones, they use only awesome ingredients such as aloe vera, anti-aging resveratrol and peptides as the base of their cosmetics. This is completely unheard of in the cosmetics industry- imagine eyeshadows and eyeliners that have more potent, anti-aging ingredients than your average eye cream. Excuse me while I hyperventilate! I can be quite dramatic when I find something I LOVE, but how can you resist from swooning when you see an ingredient list like this?
Ingredients: Black Tea, Aloe Vera Gel, Rose Hydrosol, Blackberry Pigments, Blueberry Pigments, Candelilla Wax, Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, Red Wine Resveratrol, Extracts of Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender, Goji Berry, Acai Berry and Goldenseal, Peptides of Snow Pea, Black Rice and Hibiscus, Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Rice Starch, Mica, Japanese Honeysuckle Extract

100% Pure recently expanded their color line so I knew I had to get my hands on them. I was instantly drawn to the new Gel Eyeliner in Blackberry. Aside from the fact that it’s an anti-aging treatment makeup, I was also super excited to see that they use black tea, blackberries and blueberries to pigment this liner. This works great as both a liner and an eyeshadow. The color is the most gorgeous deep plum that looks stunning on my brown eyes. The color is both electric and subtle. It’s laced with the slightest hint of fine, let’s call it “shimmer” for a lack of better words. The shimmer is so microscopic and few that it looks completely shimmer-free unless you look extremely close. I have the hardest time finding purples/plums that looks good on me. With this, not only does it work but it provides the most flattering contrast.
The Satin Eye Shadow in Barbados is equally eye-catching. The ingredients in the Satin Eye Shadows are very similar to the Eyeliners in that they both have treatment ingredients (yay!). The texture of this potted cream shadow is like butter, soft-solid in the pot but it gives way to the brush when I dab at it. Like the Eyeliner, this applies like a dream. The shade in the pot is a muted coffee taupe shimmer but when I apply it to my lids, the color transforms to a gorgeous rose gold taupe. It has a beautiful copper glow but it still gives some definition like a taupe shade should. I love pairing Blackberry and Barbados together. When mixed together, I get the most amazing shade of plumy brown that actually defines as oppose to wash me out. The 2 shades look vibrant but not over-the-top, which makes the perfect holiday look! I’m addicted to the look of both together and haven’t reached for any other eye color as of late.

If I could change 1 thing about these products, it’d be the packaging. As much as I love glass containers, I always have it in my head that potted cream makeup products will eventually dry out. If these came in plastic tubes with a skinny neck, that’d be awesome! Nonetheless, I don’t think anything is going to prevent me from collecting more of these fruit-pigmented beauties.

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Maribelle said...

oooooh, i like the blackberry!!!

Catherine said...

Ooh, very interesting indeed!

Unknown said...

ooo, i saw these at puff beauty in south pasadena but didn't try it. i'll make sure to try it because it is so hard for me to find a nice plum eyeliner.

i actually like the glass jars for eyeliner. i think it conserves a lot of the eyeliner and i like to use the brush to dab around and wipe off using the edge of the jar.

Brilliant Farmgirl's Beauty Secrets™ said...

oooh, I'll have to check out that store! I do love glass jars as well, I'm such a sucker for them.


Tina said...

Barbados looks like the perfect wash of color for me :)